Discipline is the mark of a Disciple. A disciple recognizes the greatness of the teacher. The disciple also recognizes the nothingness of his own contribution to the doctrines of perfection. So, a disciple is a;

  • listener, a pupil and a learner
  • who increases in knowledge
  • who makes sure to be informed
  • and who learns by studying and practicing the doctrine.


Disciples of Jesus Christ are also known as Saints.

  • The Scriptures teach us what a Saint is.
  • It is not possible to be a true disciple without the Holy Ghost.
  • The Holy Ghost is given by asking God in Prayer.
  • God will give us all we need when we ask in true Faith.
  • A true disciple will Communicate with God.
  • God wants us to have faith in Him.
  • But How do I pray to God? It is not a silly question. Most people do not know how.
  • Sexual purity is a particularly good sign of a true saint since it requires a strong determination to remain chaste.
  • Disciples learn the Law of the Gospel.