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Genesis 50:20 states, “Ye thought evil against me; but God meant it for good – to bring about what is now happening and save many lives today.”

This verse reminds us that no matter the enemy’s plans for your harm, God can turn it around for your benefit. He will bring you into a place of hope and serenity.

The Devil

One of the greatest biblical truths we can all draw comfort from is this: no matter how bad things seem on earth, God always turns them around for good. This truth should be our assurance no matter our situation or situation.

In the Bible, there are numerous stories of God using people and circumstances for His purposes. Joseph stands as an excellent example; even though he was facing dire straits, God knew exactly what He was doing and worked to restore everything for good – saving many people including Joseph’s brothers as well.

The Bible often speaks of Satan, a spiritual being who rebelled against God and led a kingdom of demons that opposed His plans for mankind. Satan’s ultimate aim is to lead people away from God into spiritual death.

Another essential truth we can all draw comfort from is this: God is more powerful than our adversary. No matter how daring and evil the devil attempts to execute his schemes, they will always fail because God’s might far outweighs his.

God is the author of all life, and He can easily overcome Satan’s attempts at evil. For instance, when Satan attempted to curse Israel in Numbers 24 he failed miserably!

When it comes to Satan, Scripture states that he is “the father of lies.” His primary objective is to deceive as many people as possible and use lies and accusations against those close to God.

However, the Bible also reminds us that God has a purpose for every circumstance we face and He can use whatever evil comes our way to bring about His good. He has an objective for everything and will ensure it never falls into enemy’s hands.

The Bible warns that Satan is an incredibly powerful deceiver with the capacity to lead people into sin, corruption and darkness. He employs various tactics in order to accomplish his aim – sowing seeds of doubt and temptation, false teachings, divisions and chaos.


There is a widely held belief that God cannot be both omnipotent and good, since the Bible states evil occurs. However, this theory fails to explain why God allows suffering and natural disasters in the world.

Christians often believe God allows bad things to happen in order to teach people important lessons. These teachings should help people recognize their sins and lead them to repentance.

One of the most famous Bible passages about God using bad things to teach us about Himself is Genesis 22:12. It states that Adam and Eve sinned when they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

This verse emphasizes that God allowed this to take place so He could demonstrate to people how much He values obedience to His commandments and love of Him more than they love and serve their desires.

The Bible is full of examples to this effect. Joseph’s story and Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection serve as prime examples.

In other passages, we see people praying and pleading God to do something about their suffering. This demonstrates that the Bible is more than just an abstract book of philosophy; its writers were real people impacted by the world around them.

Modern critics who suggest God is less than omniscient have never suffered themselves. The fact that the Bible authors were able to express their emotions and worries to their Creator shows their profound understanding of suffering and evil.

This powerful reminder serves as a powerful reminder that no matter what the enemy means for you, God is working all things together for your good. When life seems to be falling apart around you, remember that He can use what they mean for you in order to create an even brighter future.


God does not permit evil to have a complete victory over Him. Rather, He uses what the enemy intends for evil and turns it into something good for His purposes.

Genesis recounts Joseph’s life. He was a man of great faith who believed that God had a plan for him despite his circumstances. Joseph was willing to sacrifice everything he had for His glory and the salvation of many.

He was an incredible man of strength, capable of standing up to even his brothers.

His brothers hated him because their father favored him and they could not speak peaceably to him (Genesis 37:12-14). Therefore, the brothers plotted to get rid of him.

They decided to throw him down a well, believing that he would starve to death.

But instead, the Lord used this event to free Joseph and his family from slavery. It served as a powerful example of how He works out His plan for His people through everything.

Once the brothers returned to Egypt, they went to Joseph’s steward and confessed their mistake. They were uncertain as to what would become of the money that had been returned in their sacks.

The steward put them at ease and then brought out their brother Simeon, whom they instantly recognized as their older half-brother.

The Lord then used what the enemy intended for evil and turned it to good in the lives of both Egyptians and Israelites alike. His power is such that He can easily overpower any plan or purpose of evildoers and turn them for His own benefit.


The Bible is filled with stories of God working through ordinary events to achieve extraordinary feats. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the results are truly remarkable. When we entrust our lives to Jesus, He works all things for our good – even the difficult stuff!

The Devil, on the other hand, is a spiritual entity that rebelled against the One true God and now leads a kingdom of demons who oppose His plans for mankind. God has an agenda for everyone on planet Earth; however, only those who choose to believe in Him can fully experience that destiny.

What the devil means by the name of His kingdom is uncertain, but He definitely has an agenda. He wants you to sin and turn away from God, as well as ignore or deny His Word.

Paraphrasing this quote, the devil is a liar and will use any means necessary to take your mind away from God. But if you can remember to keep your eyes on the prize, the Lord will help guide you through life’s storms and provide guidance through rainbows.

What the enemy intended for evil, God will use to make you the most complete person possible! It may not be easy, but it is necessary. The good news is that He has a plan and He’ll accomplish it with flair! All you have to do is follow His lead and obey His Word.