In this episode, Mordecai and Rigby ask each other for small favors (known as solids). Skips cautions them not to abuse this power too much as bad things can happen if they do.

As Eileen and Margaret embark on their double date, Rigby requests Mordecai to do a favor for him–but only if she agrees to accompany him. This betrayal of their friendship is inexcusable.

1. He squatted down and made fire truck noises

Rigby often encourages Mordecai to do foolish things, including neglect his schoolwork.

This episode featured Mordecai squatting down and making fire truck noises to get a reaction from park workers. Additionally, he did this out of guilt over what had transpired in the past.

It was clear that how they were sent here was not ideal. Pops was likely hurled into space and died, the wedgie ninja got punched so hard he died, High Five Ghost was probably run over by a road hog, and many other things went awry in this universe.

However, their sacrifice paid off as they saved themselves by entering this universe in the first place. Had they not, they would have gone up in space and perished like many other characters before them.

One thing I find strange about this episode, is the fact that Benson’s son (Pops) doesn’t seem to enjoy Mordecai and Rigby. Despite being their boss, Pops doesn’t appear to be overly demanding or abusive towards his employees.

Another peculiar element of this episode is Benson’s garage full of musical instruments. This suggests he once played an instrument, though this information was cut from the show.

Furthermore, Benson’s passion for musical instruments suggests his family was of musical ancestry – many anthromorphic species on this show have some human DNA. Furthermore, this suggests he may have had some sort of sexual relations with a female anthromorphic character such as Margaret.

It is also plausible that he had an intimate relationship with another female anthromorphic character, possibly Eileen. This could have given the character a reason to like and even envy him.

Mordecai and Rigby likely don’t appeal to him due to his brother’s dislike of them, as well as being forced into working with them regardless of his wishes due to Pops’ desire for them to remain around. He may feel obliged to cooperate despite not wanting to due to Pops’ interest in keeping them around.