Christian Science Practitioners are spiritual healers who dedicate themselves full time to providing spiritual treatment through prayer that promotes the healing of any physical, emotional or relationship issues. They work with people, animals and even money.

They are professional healers and charge a fee for their services on an individual basis. Their services can be provided in person, over the phone or online.

What is a Christian Science Practitioner?

Christian Science Practitioners are individuals who dedicate their life to prayer and healing. While their methods may differ, all share one belief: that prayer alone can bring about transformation and restoration.

A Practitioner can assist you in healing from any illness, problem or difficulty – from health concerns to financial worries, ethical conflicts or lack of purpose and worth. You and your practitioner will pray together and work towards finding resolution for whatever is weighing on you down.

Christian Science Practitioners in the United States are any licensed or certified medical professionals who specialize in healing through prayer. This includes doctors of medicine and osteopathy, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, clinical psychologists, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants as well as Christian Science nurses and nursing home staff that provide religious non-medical care.

They are listed in the monthly Christian Science Journal directory and on a Practitioner Registry at The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston. Furthermore, they can advertise their services online or through local Christian Science reading rooms and newsletters.

Christian Science practitioners who choose to practice must undergo an evaluation process with The Mother Church that includes verification of their healing references. Once approved, they are allowed to advertise their services and receive referrals for spiritual healing from The Mother Church and other Christian Science churches and institutions.

Many Christian Science practitioners are also educators, teaching classes to help people learn how to heal with Christian Science. Some may even serve as pastors or spiritual leaders within a Christian Science church.

Around the world, there are thousands of practitioners available at all times. You can locate them by searching online at Find a Practitioner or through The Christian Science Journal’s monthly magazine.

Are you interested in learning how to pray or become a Christian Science Practitioner? The Association offers several courses, such as Primary Class Instruction. This two-week course takes place around the world wherever authorized teachers of Christian Science live or choose to teach, and involves weekly discussion groups led by an experienced teacher.

How do I find a Practitioner?

Christian Science practitioners are lay members of the Church of Christ, Scientist who dedicate themselves fully to healing ministry. They offer support for anyone experiencing physical or emotional difficulty, or seeking information regarding Christian Science’s Bible-based teachings.

These practitioners can be found at Reading Rooms or by calling and speaking directly. Additionally, they are listed in The Christian Science Journal’s worldwide directory of practitioners.

Christian Science, as defined in Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, is based on a belief that everyone can feel God’s presence and receive healing for all types of life issues. However, before being able to assist others in this way, Christian Scientists must first meet certain basic qualifications and receive instruction from an authorized teacher.

Furthermore, these workers must pass a stringent evaluation process. This guarantees they can effectively respond to people’s requests for Christian Science treatment and that their service meets the high quality standards necessary to be recognized by The Mother Church.

Christian Science often attracts those seeking healing, or those hesitant to take prayer seriously when they experience the need for such assistance. These dedicated religious workers may be referred to as “healing practitioners” or simply “prayer healers.”

No matter the medical diagnosis, prayer-based healers understand that disease and sickness are caused by mental errors in one’s perception of God and man. They can help restore a healthy balance to an individual’s thoughts and feelings by placing these errors into proper perspective.

Their consecrated, disciplined prayer helps to eliminate the root causes of illness, discord, and disease by acknowledging that spiritual good is more real than what’s wrong and God’s law of harmony reigns supreme.

Christian Science’s profound understanding of healing explains why it has the power to heal not only physical and emotional difficulties, but also family and financial concerns, employment or schooling issues, professional advancement opportunities, theological confusion and more. It makes Christian Science one of the most successful methods available for healing.

How much does a Practitioner charge?

Christian Science Practitioners are spiritual healers who offer prayer-based spiritual treatment for life’s difficulties. This metaphysical therapy is founded in the Bible and Science and Health with Key to Scripture by Mary Baker Eddy, and it can be effective for a wide range of issues such as physical body functioning, finances, relationships, and spiritual growth.

Ministers of religion have the mission to minister to everyone who requests prayer, regardless of their affiliation or location. They strive to fulfill this responsibility with the highest sense of Christianity and integrity.

When speaking to a Christian Science Practitioner, they will ask you to describe your situation. These questions are tailored to reflect your understanding of God and how you perceive yourself.

In general, you will be asked how long you have been practicing Christian Science, if any healings have taken place, what the cause of the issue you seek to heal and any other information that might assist the practitioner in assessing your case. Please answer these questions honestly and completely if possible.

Every Practitioner has a unique approach to their work and practices will vary. Generally, you should expect easy access to a practitioner and regular treatment from them.

Christian Science practitioners typically charge between $15-$75 per treatment. Payment must be made in advance, and they provide you with a statement. They accept checks or money orders as well as payments through PayPal.

If you have medical insurance or are covered under Medicare, Medicaid or another government-funded health program, reimbursement for treatment costs should be possible from your insurer. Many practitioners also accept cash, check or credit card payments for those without access to a healthcare provider.

Most practitioners derive their income from fees for their services. They are compensated according to the same rules that govern other service professionals such as doctors, lawyers and pastors–including a strict code of sacred confidentiality when treating patients.

What is the role of a Practitioner?

A Practitioner is an experienced Christian Science healer who has dedicated their lives to aiding others in finding healing through prayer. With locations around the globe, these healers offer their services to anyone seeking healing through prayer alone.

Everyone can heal their own problems through prayer and the realization that God is Love, good and infinite. When we seek His guidance in living more harmoniously and healing our lives, He shows us the way forward. No matter if it’s a health issue, relationship difficulties or other life struggles we face – it is essential to feel divine Love always present and know that no greater power exists than our own hearts.

Christian Science practitioners often receive prayer requests when someone is facing difficulty in any area of their life. This is because these professionals have been taught that God is the sole answer and can offer spiritual guidance and comfort.

Practitioners are frequently employed by religious groups, schools or health care facilities and they are the first people who respond to a patient’s medical crisis.

They also assist patients who struggle with mental and emotional health, as well as those struggling with addictions. Together, they assess each patient’s current situation and teach them effective coping techniques.

This involves helping them comprehend their symptoms and what causes them, then helping them pinpoint the underlying issue. After that, healthcare providers can suggest and implement changes that will benefit the patient in order to alleviate symptoms.

These changes can range from eating healthier foods, taking medication or altering habits. They may also suggest physical activities that will enhance the patient’s wellbeing.

Practitioners may be employed by a health care center, nursing home or hospital and overseen by an accredited doctor or nurse.

Additionally, they may be hired to offer education and guidance to patients in their community. Generally, they are paid at a rate similar to other medical professionals.